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Karen Allen, LMHC

I am a Licensed Mental Health Counselor and also a Human Potential Coach with a strong background in holistic therapies. I work with the whole person (mind, emotions, and body) to help you achieve total wellness. My education allows me to bring you a wealth of research-backed information that will not only help you overcome current problems, but will actually help you create the life you truly want.

As a former yoga teacher, I can help you reduce stress, depression, and anxiety through mindfulness and presence-based therapies. We can also look at how things like nutrient intake, circadian (sleep and eating) schedules, nootropics, and intermittent fasting, can improve concentration, focus, and clarity of mind and also help people regain emotional balance.

It may be surprising to hear that fine tuning our physical habits can improve our mind and emotions as well as our bodies, but people consistently notice that when they feel their best physically they feel better on every level. This is because there is no separation between the mind and the body. What affects one always affects the other. A true understanding of this interplay is the missing element in health care and is what can make all the difference in achieving a healthy and fulfilling life.

My goal is to give you strategies that work to increase resilience and balance and then teach you how easy it is to begin using these strategies in your daily life.

Susan Balogh, RMT

Offering Classes and Mindset/ Happiness Coaching at the Center for Clarity

My name is Susan Balogh. I am a certified happiness coach, Reiki Master/Teacher,    and Qi Gong instructor, and I have a genuine passion for helping others connect to their true nature and achieve their highest vibrational energy to heal naturally and create the joyful life they wish for.

  • Free yourself of stress and have a feeling of ease and confidence as you go through your day
  • End the battle with fatigue and have a good-feeling body that is thriving with energy
  • Let go of relationship struggles and have more enjoyable connections with family, friends, and the one you love
  • Get a clear vision of how you want the rest of your life to go and have the inspiration and courage to make it happen

Most of all I would like to show you how to help yourself feel better from morning to night; with no distractions, no worries, and nothing or no one zapping your energy. Putting yourself in charge of your own wellbeing empowers you and sets you free!You are invincible in your new mindset, and become a magnet for all your life’s wishes!


All services are offered to help you
Set Yourself Free and Be Happy

I hope you take the next step to your greatest joy & wellbeing. I’m confident this is a perfect place for you to begin…

 [email protected]

If you still have further questions, No Problem!

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